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Mud Pie | 2018 Ripe Pu'er

Mud Pie | 2018 Ripe Pu'er

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Mud Pie is an incredibly intoxicating ripe pu’er tea from Yiwu, Yunnan. With notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, bananas, stewed apples and an underlying earthiness, it’s not hard to see how the tea got its name. From shengtai (生态) material, this is a sustainably farmed tea with an abundance of flavours and aromas to appreciate. I’m very excited about this custom pressing and I hope you enjoy!

Artwork is done by the the lovely @pbandlee! Check them out on instagram if you love their work like I do!

Harvest: Spring, 2018

Cultivar: Dayezhong

Region: Yiwu, Yunnan, China

Material: Young arbour

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