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This page is a directory to the brewing guide for all our teas. The instructions provided should be regarded as guidelines more than strict rules. The most important part about tea is experimenting with it and figuring out what you like best. If a tea is too light, steep it longer. Too strong? Use a shorter steep time or maybe consider lowering the temperature. Tea is an art form more than a science. There is no one way to brew tea, so whether you're brewing gongfu or in a mug or cold brewing the tea, use the following instructions as guidelines and figure out what works for you.

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Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

It's always best to use lower temperatures when brewing Japanese Green Teas. Try using 70 degree Celsius water.

Chinese/Other Green Tea

These Green Teas are typically more hardy and can take up to boiling water, but I recommend between 80 and 85 degrees to get best results.


Here I will describe how to make a ceremonial matcha. For a video demonstration, there are plenty of great examples on YouTube. I always recommend using a low temperature (between 65 and 75 degrees). For measurement, you can either do the standard usucha method (2 scoops) or koicha method (4 scoops, this is my preference). First, make sure there are no lumps of matcha in the bowl, then slowly add enough water that when you mix it in, the Matcha takes on the consistency of paint. Make sure everything is smooth before pouring in the rest of your water (up to halfway in the bowl). Slowly whisk, moving in a "W" motion, first at the bottom of the bowl, then the top at a faster rate to achieve a nice head of foam. Enjoy!

White Tea

White Tea, especially those with big leaves (our Hidden Path) like higher temperatures. Boiling temperatures are fine with these teas, though if you want a more delicate and sweeter brew, lower the temperature to 90 degrees.

Our Flower Sack White Tea should be brewed at boiling because it is pressed into dragon balls.

Oolong Tea

Oolong can sometimes be a bit tricky. I recommend generally brewing at temperatures between 90 degrees and boiling for best results. This is a great category of tea to play around with temperatures and figure out what works best for you.

Black Tea

Black Tea is generally brewed at boiling temperature, though for our Fruit Salad, I often brew at around 90 degree Celsius in order to accentuate more of the flower and fruity characteristic in the flavour.