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Eastern Tea Bar

Matcha Samidori | Green Tea

Matcha Samidori | Green Tea

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Matcha has become very popular in the West over the past decade. From matcha lattes to claims of being a super food etc. it's hard to escape the matcha craze. I have wanted to stock matcha for a long time, but with so many low quality variants on the market, I wanted to make sure the matcha we stocked was something I was proud of. 

Matcha Samidori is made from the Samidori cultivar, a beautiful Japanese cultivar which is known for its sweetness. The matcha made from this cultivar is often on the sweeter side of the matcha scale, with notes of melon, fresh fruits and of course plenty of umami. This matcha is thick and absolutely delicious. It is a step above our Matcha Okumidori and meant to be used ceremonially, and not in a latte.

Each package contains 30 grams.

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