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Eastern Tea Bar

Citadel Blend | Black Tea

Citadel Blend | Black Tea

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The Halifax Citadel is smack down right in the center of downtown Halifax, creating a historical landmark for Haligonians to use - "Eastern Tea Bar is that cool tea shop near the Citadel on Gottingen". Having used the Citadel too many times to count to describe where we are in the North End, I felt our first blended tea needed to represent it. 

Citadel Blend is a happy union of three teas: a tippy Himalayan Black Tea which adds malty, spicy and chocolatey notes, a Yunnan Dian Hong which creates a bolder and chocolatier brew, and a Fengqing Black Tea which pumps up the fruity and floral sweetness. The result is a sweet and well balanced tea with many interesting qualities that is perfect hot, cold, gongfu, or... dare I say, in a cup with milk and sugar! A perfect tea for Haligonians who like their tea in more ways than you can count.

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