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Awesome Blossom | Dancong Oolong

Awesome Blossom | Dancong Oolong

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This is a wonderful floral Dancong Oolong with an electric roast and a citrus undertone which comes through. For those unfamiliar with Dancong Oolongs, it’s common for them to be named after the fragrance that each cultivar produces. Famous varieties include Honey Orchid, Magnolia Fragrance, Osmanthus Fragrance, Almond Fragrance, etc. Awesome Blossom is of the Pomelo Fragrance cultivar which explains the citrusy undertones and floral notes as it smells like a pomelo blossom. Don’t just take my word for it, get yourself a pomelo or another similar citrus and try it with this tea! You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Harvest: Spring, 2022

Elevation: ~800m

Region: Fenhuangshan, Guangdong, China

Cultivar: Pomelo Fragrance

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