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Hei Cha Samples

Hei Cha Samples

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Have you ever wanted to try teas from the weird world of Post Fermented Teas? Sometimes called Dark Tea, or Hei Cha (translating to Black Tea) this category of tea is not very well known in the West, but houses some of the finest teas in the world. Grab a few samples and see what all the hype is about!

2007 Bai Sha Xi Fuzhuan Cha: A tea typically prized for the fungus known as "Golden Flowers" which grows on it. This is one of the most famous Hei Cha companies in China. Slightly fruity and woodsy. 

2009 Anhua Qian Liang Cha: Usually made into large pillars of tea, this is a wonderful example of the funkiness that can be found in this category. Earthy and vegetal (like parsnips)

1990s Wuzhou Liu Bao: The original Ripe Pu'er. Made in Guangxi, China, this tea coined the wet piling process which was later adopted to create the Ripe Pu'er we know and love today in Yunnan. Sweet, slightly fruity and quite earthy with hazelnut aroma.

Aged Pu'er: One of the more popular teas among collectors, Aged Raw Pu'er can be quite special if it has gone through a good aging process. Fruitier than the rest with camphor and menthol notes as well as antique woods. 

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