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Apricity | High Mountain Oolong

Apricity | High Mountain Oolong

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Apricity is a word to encapsulate the feeling of the warm sun in the wintertime. Though it never quite caught on, I feel as though it should and this tea is the perfect representation of the word.

Apricity is a High Mountain Oolong from Shanlinxi - a famous mountain in Taiwan. This tea comes from the most recent winter harvest and has a delicious bouquet of aromas from pine trees to fresh melon to incense and more. Apricity is an insanely sweet Oolong that tastes like fresh lake water after a recent thaw. To those of you living in cold climates, you know what I’m talking about. Apricity is a lovely bright and green High Mountain Oolong with an incredible amount of depth and extra long lasting sweetness.

During these cold, dark months of winter, we all want for apricity. Add some Apricity to your life.

Harvest: December, 2022

Region: Shanlinxi, Longfengxia, Taiwan

Cultivar: Qing Xin

Elevation: 1750m

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